The collection housed in the Institute of Systematics and Evolution of Animals is one of two largest zoological collections in Poland. It numbers 2,000,000 objects approximately, ranging from dry and moist preparations of invertebrates (mostly insects) to skins and skeletons of land vertebrates, bird nests and eggs. Notable aspects of the collection are abundant remains of fossil animals.

The present database catalogue began at the end of 2000. It is supplemented every day by several members of our staff and the new records are almost immediately accessible in the web.

In order to access records from the database, click one of the class names below, then choose appropriate terms in the »select« fields, type generic and/or specific name(s) in the empty fields and finally click the button Search. In order to receive more detailed information from the response list, click the specific name in each record.


Mammalia →

20808 records • 102934 specimens

Aves →

11771 records • 13364 specimens


Insecta →

55960 records • 238569 specimens

The Paramecium aurelia species complex, strains in collection